Decision Over Schweinfurt

Schweinfurt-Regensburg mission of August 17, 1943.

Engine No. 3 was hit by during a head-on pass by a German fighter. The engine subsequently exploded and tore off the the right wing, sending the aircraft out of control. All 10 crew were killed in action.

The piece is a dedication to some brave, brave guys in their final moments.

The crew of "Peter Wabbit" that day were:

Lt Erwalt D. Wagner (P)
Lt William C. Barnard (CP)
Lt Joseph J. Hilderbrand (N)
2Lt Kenneth F. Gibbs (B)
T/Sgt Henry I. Cushman (TT)
T/Sgt Benjamin Radensky (RO)
S/Sgt Francis J. Donahue (BT)
S/Sgt Marvin T. Charlson (LW)
S/Sgt Eldred J. Andruss (RW)
S/Sgt Dean J. Yates (TG)